Fall Clean-ups/Winter prep

Though the leaves are down, you don't have to be!

Fall Garden and Lawn Preparation in London Ontario

Though it indicates the end of the warm weather, fall is among the most beautiful seasons.  The trees are resplendent in tones of crimson, yellow and orange, chrysanthemums  adorn patios and porches, and the low angle of the sun casts an orange blaze over the Thames.  The down side is that those beautiful leaves will soon become a soggy brown mess, suffocating your lawn and blemishing your garden beds.  Why not give yourself a break and let Kaizen take care of your fall clean-up.

Our Services

Our basic fall clean-up services include gathering and disposing of fallen leaves, cutting down any non-woody perennials (e.g. hostas, day-lilies, etc.), as well edging and turning your planting beds.  

Other recommended services available upon request:

  • Core Aeration
  • Fall lawn fertilization
  • Trimming shrubs and other garden plants
  • Removal of pet waste
  • Addition of Mulch, or Soil
  • Wrapping any woody shrubs vulnerable to salt/wind damage