Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance

The Kaizen Philosophy

Landscape Design & Maintenance in London Ontario

Our design philosophy

First and foremost, Kaizen is here to help make your vision a reality. One of our favourite things to hear from clients is “that’s exactly how I wanted it to look.” That being said, we are more than happy to provide our own unique design ideas.

Though less common, our design philosophy focuses on slowly revealing different and often hidden aspects of the landscape rather than showcasing everything at once. Inspired by Japanese landscapes, this design philosophy assumes a dynamic viewer who engages with the landscape from different points of view as s/he moves through it, rather than just seeing a single snap-shot of the whole picture. For instance, imagine a winding garden path, the end point of which is hidden from view by trees, structures, and the curving nature of the path itself. As you walk, your changing perspective forces you to see different elements of the design. Just as you round the large Korean lilac shrub and its sweet fragrance begins to fade, the sound of running water takes over your sensory field and draws your attention to the Japanese maple—its delicately dissected leaves dangling over the waterfall pouring into the koi pond.

London Ontario landscape design and maintenance servicesIn keeping with this idea of slowly revealing the landscape over time, we firmly believe in the year-round landscape. For instance, a Katsura tree is lovely addition to many landscapes, but plant it close to a Black Gum, and the fall effect of yellow on crimson/purple is breathtaking. Likewise, the scent of daffodils in in May is a boon to any garden, but add a clump of Summersweet to your landscape and have a fragrant August too. The trunk and stems of Variegated Dogwood and Coral Bark Japanese maple really pop against freshly fallen snow, and stylized pines, spruces and junipers can bring the welcome tones of green and blue to an otherwise white winter landscape.

At Kaizen, we believe that people do not merely see the landscape, they engage with it. Likewise, the landscape itself is not a static entity, but something dynamic—its waxings and wanings, ebbings and flowings and curves and bends are all opportunities to showcase different aspects of its beauty.

What we do

When people envision entertaining guests, spending a relaxing evening at home, or kicking off their shoes and putting their feet up after a long day at work, there is often a particular place in their home that comes to mind. Whether it is that favourite easy-chair in front of the big-screen, a custom wet-bar used for entertaining, or simply that ultra comfortable couch, when people think about spending time at home, they think about a favourite place. At Kaizen our mission is to help transform your outdoor spaces into serious rivals for this favoured spot.

Whether by simply providing pruning and trimming services for your hedges, or by designing an entirely new landscape complete with water features, outdoor lighting, hardscapes and show stopping vegetation, Kaizen can help you take advantage of what is most often the largest portion of your property: your yard.

Landscape Design & Maintenance in London Ontario

Maintenance Services

At Kaizen, we appreciate that beautiful landscapes are always works in progress. Indeed, this is part of what makes landscapes unique among artistic expressions: they constantly present us with opportunities to enhance their aesthetic appeal. That being said, not everyone has the time to regularly take up the landscaper’s brush and palette, and paint those hedges. With this in mind, Kaizen offers the following services to help keep your yard looking and feeling its best.

  • Tree and Shrub Maintenance
  • Dead-heading
  • Edging/defining
  • Cultivation
  • Pond maintenance
  • Soil testing and amendments
Landscape Design & Maintenance in London Ontario

Design Services

Designing and visualizing a landscape renovation can be a daunting process for homeowners. Should the Japanese maple be to the left or right of the koi pond? Which mulch will best showcase my design? Where is the best place for my Rhododendrons? To help you make informed and aesthetically pleasing choices, Kaizen can create a full colour 3-D design so you can see exactly how your yard will look before hand.

  • Complete landscape design
  • Full colour digital 3-D rendering
  • Water Features & fish ponds
  • Interlocking brick
  • Stone work
  • Retaining walls