Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Care in London Ontario

At Kaizen, our goal is to provide services and solutions to fit you, your personal preferences and your budget. Whether you simply want your lawn cut, or whether you want that manicured look to rival your favourite fairways, Kaizen has services to satisfy your needs and your wallet.


Lawn Basic maintenance package

as lows as $89.99 depending on property size

Weekly mowing of all lawn
Weekly trimming around all lawn perimeters and any objects, structures or obstructions on the lawn
Weekly clean up of all grass clippings from all non-lawn surfaces

Lawn Plus maintenance package

all Lawn Basic maintenace package plus:

Spring or fall core aeration
Early spring fertilization
Late spring/early summer fertilization
Late summer/early fall fertilization
Late fall fertilization
Edging of lawn perimeters with steel blade edging tool

Lawn & Garden basic package

Choose from Lawn Basic, or Lawn Plus and:

Keep all shrubs/hedges trimmed
Regular defining of garden bed edging
Regular turning of (unmulched) garden beds

Lawn & Garden plus package

Choose from Lawn Basic, or Lawn Plus and:

Dead heading of flowers/flowering shrubs
Spring fertilization of all garden beds

One-time services:

Seasonal fishpond opening/closing
Spring and Fall Clean-ups
Fertilizing (lawn, or garden beds)

*Don’t see a package that suits you? Want some one-time services included in your monthly maintenance package? Call us, and we’ll tailor-make a maintenance package just for you!

Ongoing Promotions:

At Kaizen, we show our appreciation for loyalty and commitment by offering several incentives to our customers:

Sign-up incentives

Sign up for a season of lawn care, and receive a free core aeration, or $50 off a spring clean-up.
Sign up for a season of lawn care, and receive $50 off winter snow removal services

Referral incentives

Receive $10 off your monthly bill (for the entire season!) when we gain a customer by your referral
This discount goes up to $15 off your monthly bill (for the entire season!) if the new customer lives within two blocks of your house

Realtors & Rental Property Owners

Do you own several rental properties? Do you buy and sell homes professionally? Call us to find out about our multi-property discounts, and realtor incentives.

Turf-Grass 101

When asked about lawn care, the first thing I always tell (or remind) people is that turf-grass is a plant (or a mass of plants). Obvious though it may seem, people often lose sight of this fact amidst the mowing, fertilizing, weed whacking, aerating, dethatching, and myriad of other chores that are unique to lawns. However, recalling this seemingly obvious fact not only helps us understand the requirements of our lawns, it also serves to give direction about how to address certain problems. From what to do about shady areas and how to fix salt build-up, to water and nutrient requirements, and grub control—keeping in mind the fact that your grass is a plant, and therefore behaves as such, is among the most important facts to remember. For details on how exactly this simple fact can be helpful to homeowners and lawn-care professionals, check out our blog.