Snow Removal

The first snowfall often conjures up thoughts of hot chocolate, warm sweaters and too much turkey.  However, the frequent morning shovelling, the constantly wet feet and the slippery front walkways cause the novelty to wear off at an exponential rate.  Why not give yourself a break this season, and let Kaizen keep your laneway clear, your walkways accessible and your feet dry?

Snow Removal and Ice Control in London Ontario

Our Service Packages:

Snow Plowing Basic:

  • Plow all snow from driveway
  • Remove snow from front walkways/porches/stairs

Snow Blowing Basic:

  • Snow-blow all snow front driveway
  • Remove snow front front walkways/porches/stairs

Snow Plus:

  • Chose from plow, or snow-blow basic plus
  • Salting services

How it works:

By carefully monitoring Environment Canada, as well as our plow routes, we are able to deploy immediately upon the accumulation of a minimum of 1.5 inches of snow.  In the event of a prolonged downfall, we return continuously until the storm abates and your property is clear.  All our packages include a return trip, should the city plows leave a heavy snow bank at the end of your laneway.  We are safe, reliable, on call 24-7 and fully insured.  Let Kaizen keep your path clear, and get you on your way this winter!